Zurich Donation Parliament
On fundraiso.ch, you can find not only foundations but also other forms of organisations that provide support. For example, support associations, churches, sponsors or other funds. One example is the Zurich Donation Parliament.

The Zurich Donation Parliament is an association with members that is committed to social and cultural projects in the greater Zurich area. The aim is for the projects to integrate people into the diverse society of the greater Zurich area. The association is deliberately politically and denominationally neutral and relies on the commitment of people who see a diverse living space as an enrichment and on the initiative of those responsible for the projects who are directly committed to integration. The idea of the Donation Parliament was first successfully implemented in Hamburg. There are now 16 German parliaments as well as one each in Belgium, Austria, Basel and Zurich.

The Donations Parliament supports projects that meet all of the following criteria:
  • contribute to the fight against poverty, social isolation or exclusion,
  • focus on the canton of Zurich,
  • are non-profit and not-for-profit,
  • are politically and denominationally neutral,
  • not be more than one third co-financed by the public sector.

The Donors' Parliament usually supports projects within the limits of the financial contributions made so far (CHF 1,000 to CHF 15,000). Over 180 projects have already been supported with a total of over CHF 2 million. The Zurich Donations Parliament meets twice a year in Zurich City Hall. The project leaders receive their donations in the days following the parliamentary session. The debate takes place in Zurich City Hall under the leadership of the President of Parliament.

Donation Parliament ZH The project leaders present their projects during the parliamentary session, answer questions and follow the debate and decision-making.

A maximum of 11 projects are dealt with at one parliamentary session. After a project has been submitted, a member of the Project Review Commission (PPK) contacts the applicant. The PPK members check whether the project meets the criteria of the Zurich Donations Parliament and help with the formalities. The board then decides whether to submit the project to the parliament for support. Those responsible for the proposed projects will have the opportunity to present the projects to the members in the foyer of the Council Chamber. Afterwards, the members will decide on a contribution. If a project is supported, those responsible for the project are obliged to submit a final report within one year.

Report from the SRF programme Schweiz Aktuell

On the website of the Zurich Donation Parliament you can find examples Projects already supported, Details on the submission of project proposals and of course the information on how to get involved yourself.

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