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Excerpt from the Zewo study on the topic of "Digital Donations

"If aid organisations use platforms on the internet that are operated by third parties, it is primarily those platforms from which they hope to receive contributions from funding foundations or bequests from legacies. The most significant for the aid organisations are fundraiso.ch and deinadieu.ch. Classic crowdfunding and donation platforms that are geared towards individual donations, such as kickstarter, giveandgain, 100-days/crowdify, icareforyou, wemakeit or Spendenbuch.ch, on the other hand, have no significance for most aid organisations.

Aid organisations rank their own website among the top 3 fundraising tools, after addressed donation letters and membership or patronage. Crowdfunding and third-party donation platforms, on the other hand, are of little importance. The aid organisations find fundraiso.ch and deinadieu.ch most relevant. "

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