Here you can purchase PowerPoint templates for sponsor folders, which have been created based on's experience. The templates are designed so that you can work with a grid and don't have to start from scratch. With the template, you can focus on the content and benefit from the ready-made design and structure. The templates are particularly suitable for people who are inexperienced in creating sponsorship folders. The following three templates can be purchased here - delivery will be made by email within one working day of purchase.

Template sponsor folder PowerPoint area athlete/ sports club
Price CHF 19.95

Sports template

Template Sponsorship Folder PowerPoint Area Artists/ Musicians/ Comedians etc.
Price CHF 19.95

Art template

Template sponsor folder PowerPoint area projects
Price CHF 29.95

Projects template

The sponsor folder is the application dossier when it comes to winning a sponsor. The presentation should be correspondingly professional. receives daily enquiries from people looking for sponsors. Based on experience with clients, these three templates have been produced to make it easier for you to create a sponsor folder. Your sponsor folder is the business card of your venture. The quality determines whether a sponsor will support your project or not.