Integrations for organisations

Integration Uninetz

Integration into your university/researcher network as a campus licence

Access to the premium database directly via your Uninetz/ Intranet. Activation based on IP range. Used by various universities and colleges.

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Fundraiso API

New: Fundraiso API

Keep your database / CRM up to date with the Fundraiso interface.

More information about the Fundraiso API

Search aid for fundraisers

Find supporters & sponsors through the following 3 ways:

Search yourself

Search the database for supporters & sponsors yourself as a Premium Member.

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From CHF 290/ year / user


You do not yet have an extensive address list of your own and are looking for possible supporters & sponsors for your project.

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From CHF 198.- / research (for small projects)

Purge list

Clean Address List

Your existing address list of sponsors & supporters qualified and sorted by priority, supplemented with new addresses and cleaned of irrelevant addresses.

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From CHF 198.- / research (for small projects)