Top 750 Swiss Grantmaking Foundations
There are around 13,000 charitable foundations in Switzerland, of which around 7,500 are grant-making foundations. "A charitable foundation is a non-profit foundation that pursues promotional activities with the foundation's assets or the income generated from them. The focus is not only on granting financial means, but also on strategic, accompanying and evaluating aspects of the foundation's activities. Accordingly, a grant-making foundation can also be active as an operational foundation" - this is a common definition of a grant-making foundation by Swissfoundations. Since the demand for a list of the wealthiest Swiss charitable foundations was already high years ago,, in cooperation with an asset manager, compiled a list of the wealthiest 250 charitable foundations. Since then, the list has been sold several times, mainly to asset managers, who then improved the list per se through feedback rounds and also allowed us to expand it. The result is the TOP 750 - the wealthiest 10% of the existing 7500 Swiss funding foundations. Where no figures were publicly available, an estimate was made based on funding activities or inferences were made from media reports. In addition, in the case of foundations whose grantmaking is grossly disproportionate to their capital, discounting had to be carried out in order to calculate theoretical foundation assets. This is particularly necessary for foundations that receive annual donations from the founder (e.g. corporate foundations) but have a small endowment capital. No list is perfect, but after 5 years of work and feedback rounds, we are confident that it is the best list on the market and offers a great overview of the well-known big names as well as more hidden trouvailles. Click here for the list. Read also our article on the Swiss foundation assets. Posted in Fundraising, Fundraiso Development

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