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The first Swiss digital matchmaking platform for foundation board members implements payments with cryptocurrencies.

Zurich, 14 September 2021 - FoundationCouncilMandate.com now offers the following three cryptocurrencies for payment: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Nimiq (NIM). Payment is made directly from the customers' wallet to that of StiftungsratsMandat.com without a middleman. Cryptocurrency enables any internet user (f/m) to make payments without banks, which are executed decentrally, quickly and securely thanks to blockchain technology. The first digital matchmaking platform for foundation council candidates and foundations has recognised the signs of the times and also offers customers cryptocurrencies as an optional payment method.

The customised version developed by Nimiq in Costa Rica / Germany and the Swiss company Ontius GmbH of the cryptopayment.linksolution makes the direct acceptance of cryptocurrency particularly easy. The CHF price is converted to the current market value of the selected cryptocurrency at the time of payment. Customers then have up to 15 minutes to trigger the crypto payment from their wallets.

FoundationCouncilMandate.comFounder Dominic Lüthi says: "We are proud to be at the forefront of crypto payment solutions. With Nimiq and Ontius, we have found the ideal partners. The need is also there in the foundation world. This is reflected in the fact that shortly after the launch we already had the first customers (f/m) who paid with it without any problems."

With the implementation of these digital means of payment, the foundation council platform was also expanded to include the topic of blockchain. In addition to existing skills such as "technology affinity", "innovation", "digitalisation" and "security", potential foundation board members can now also select "blockchain technology" or "cryptography" in their personal skills set and thus present themselves to the NPOs and foundations looking for them - because these aspects are becoming increasingly important, especially in view of the high density of foundations in Switzerland.

Crypto stronghold Switzerland

The greater Zug area in particular is known in Switzerland as Crypto Valley - a veritable stronghold for crypto technologies that is now home to almost 1,000 companies. Many of them are involved in the highly developed Swiss start-up ecosystem. Of the more than 4,000 different cryptocurrencies worldwide, a whole three of the six most valuable projects are based in Swiss Zug.

Generation X ready to take the reins on the NPO floors

A recent evaluation of the StiftungsratsMandat.com database showed that of the more than 1,000 profiles - i.e. potential foundation board members - around 55% belong to generations X and Y (millennials). The rise of this age group is also accompanied by an increase in skills and knowledge related to topics such as digitalisation, agility, sustainability, inclusion and diversity skills, ethics, resilience, etc.

It is still the case that in Switzerland - especially with smaller foundations - the majority of foundation board mandates are awarded in the close network of trust of existing foundation board members rather than in the open market purely on the basis of experience and ability. StiftungsratsMandat.com offers an alternative to this by making all applicant profiles anonymous and evaluating suitable foundation board members solely on the basis of experience, values and skills. By means of digitalised processes, the more than 13,000 foundations are thus offered an efficient possibility to increase their management competence, diversification and independence in the supervisory bodies.

To StiftungsratsMandat.com

StiftungsratsMandat.com (English: Boardplacement.com) is the first digital placement platform for foundation board members and advisory board members in Switzerland. Its clients come from Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein and Austria and are mainly NPOs, foundations and associations that want to supplement their foundation board, association board or advisory board with new, qualified and external persons. complement.

On Nimiq

Nimiq is "Crypto for Humans", an open-source, decentralised cryptocurrency that is particularly easy to use while optimising for fast transaction speeds and low transaction costs. For this purpose, the blockchain was developed cross-platform for modern desktop and mobile browsers, so that there are practically no entry barriers to participate in this decentralised peer-to-peer network. network. The fact that no software needs to be installed and the project places particular emphasis on simplicity of applications gives Nimiq its unique user-friendliness. With the Nimiq Foundation and the ImpactX Foundation, the Nimiq project itself has established two foundations, the latter specifically for charitable projects that make a meaningful contribution to society.

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