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Foundations Zug - There are 13000 charitable foundations in Switzerland. Of these, only about 360 foundations are located in Zug. Accordingly, you can quickly get an overview if you search for foundations in Zug. With about 360 foundations, the total number of charitable foundations is rather small. Compared to other cantons such as Zurich, Berne or Geneva, the location is rather insignificant. At the same time, the potential in Zug is great because many companies are based in this canton. It is difficult to estimate how many of these companies will one day set up foundations themselves. At over 28 foundations per 10,000 inhabitants, the density of foundations is not low and was even enough to rank 3rd nationwide according to the Foundation Report 2021.

High capital density

Since only around 360 charitable foundations are domiciled in the canton of Zug, the importance of Zug as a foundation location does not arise primarily from the number of foundations (as in Zurich or Geneva), but above all from the important and capital strength of the players belonging to the Zug foundations. The best known and probably currently largest grant-making foundation in Switzerland is at home in Zug: the Ernst Göhner Foundation. With estimated assets of CHF 4-5 billion, it is one of the most financially potent players on the Swiss foundation scene. The foundations of the C&A founding family Brenninkmeijer are also located in Zug. Other important and financially strong foundations in Zug are the Starr International Foundation, the LANDIS & GYR STIFTUNG, the Stiftung Suyana or the PARS - STIFTUNG.

The number of crypto foundations is increasing

In the canton of Zug, 35 new foundations were established in the form of so-called crypto foundations between 2017 and 2018, according to the 2018 Swiss Foundation Report, meaning that the purpose of the foundation is related to blockchain technology. For no other specific purpose were more foundations established in Switzerland during this period. For example, the Ethereum Foundation is domiciled in the city of Zug. The foundation operates the Ethereum Blockchain, of which the cryptocurrency is called Ether. It is the most capitalized cryptocurrency after Bitcoin at the current time.

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