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Foundations Central Switzerland - In Switzerland, many foundations are located in Central Switzerland. Accordingly, it can take a long time to search for foundations in Central Switzerland. The challenge lies particularly in identifying which foundations are active in which areas. The fundraiso.ch web platform uses a search mask to help you find the foundations that might be interesting for your specific project. For example, you can filter individual foundations by canton and thus find all the foundations in the cantons of central Switzerland. The mask also offers other filters. fundraiso.ch, as the name suggests, focuses on funding foundations. Accordingly, it is good to research with the platform if you are looking for third-party funding for a project. Where possible, individual foundation entries have been completed with email address, website, phone number, etc. Many things change daily in the foundation landscape. Seats are relocated, websites produced, email addresses changed etc. Therefore, we would be grateful if you could point out incorrect information to us. Nevertheless, we are confident that fundraiso.ch is the most complete and highest quality directory in this field. The data is obtained directly from the commercial register. New foundations, deletions or changes are updated directly via an interface. Fundraiso.ch is the only site that offers a free search of the entire foundation index. Start searching for foundations in Central Switzerland. You can become a member here.

When should you focus on foundations in Central Switzerland?

Foundations in Central Switzerland are significant if you are planning a project with a direct link to Central Switzerland. Foundations under cantonal supervision are usually also active on a cantonal level. Central Switzerland in particular is home to many foundations that provide supraregional support in Central Switzerland. Accordingly, it is important for a project in Central Switzerland to first approach the local foundations for cooperation. The closer the foundation is to the place where the project is to be implemented, the more important it should be for your fundraising.

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