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How many foundations are there in the canton of Uri? And what else is known about foundations in Uri?

In the canton of Uri, 50 charitable foundations were registered at the end of 2020 (source: Foundation Report 2021). With around 14.0 charitable foundations per ten thousand inhabitants, the foundation density is in the middle of the national comparison - just behind the canton of Zurich. An important foundation in the canton of Uri is the Daetwyler Foundation. The Daetwyler Foundation supports projects and institutions throughout Switzerland that have a geographical, thematic or personal connection to the canton of Uri. In Altdorf is the domicile of more than half of all foundations in the canton of Uri. The so-called "Fideikommis" still dates back to the time of the knights. With the Foundation Fideikommis A Pro it is a cantonal foundation. The male line of the A Pro family died out as early as 1588. During his lifetime, knight Peter A Pro had designated his large estate as a fideicommiss, the proceeds of which were to be used for the industrial training of the youth of Uri.

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