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Foundations Bern
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Key figures on foundations in Bern:

Foundations Bern - There are around 13300 charitable foundations in Switzerland, of which a good 10% are located in the canton of Bern. With around 1350 charitable foundations at the end of calendar year 2020, the capital canton is in second or third place in each case - the canton of Vaud is just ahead or behind the canton of Bern in each case - the difference consists of a few foundations. The canton of Zurich is the clear front-runner. Measured against cantons such as Basel-Stadt or Zurich, the foundation density is somewhat lower. In 2020, it will be 13.3 per 10,000 inhabitants. The location of Bern is interesting, among other things, because the canton is home to many bilingual foundations. They accept applications in both French and German. That is why Bern is relevant for fundraisers from French-speaking and German-speaking Switzerland. Fundraisers from France also regularly look at foundations in Bern on

The University and Research Location Bern as a Catalyst for the Foundation Location Bern

As the location of the University of Bern and the Bern University of Applied Sciences, the canton benefits in terms of number of foundations from those institutions that have affiliated themselves with the educational institutions or were even founded by them. One example is the UniBern Research Foundation or the BFH Burgdorf Foundation. It is noticeable that fewer foundations in Bern are involved in individual case funding (e.g. awarding scholarships) than in the cantons of Basel or St. Gallen, for example. The focus of the majority of all Bernese foundations is clearly on project funding.

When should you focus on foundations in Bern?

Foundations in Bern are relevant if you are implementing a project with a direct connection to the canton of Bern. Foundations under cantonal supervision are usually also "only" active in the canton. Accordingly, it is advisable to ask the regional foundations for cooperation for a project in the canton of Berne. The closer a foundation is to the place of realisation of the project (in geographical terms), the higher the relevance of this foundation for a fundraising campaign will be. Regional relevance is to be highly valued. Therefore, the search for local supporters is important for every project.

List of foundations in the canton of Berne - What are examples of important Berne foundations?

Fundraiso can be used as a foundation directory for the Canton of Bern. For this purpose, the geographical filter for the canton of Bern can be used. As an advanced user, one can use the text search for the keyword "Bern" and thus find all foundations that explicitly mention the canton in their purpose. This approach certainly brings up the most important foundations for the canton of Bern.

Important Bernese foundations

  • The Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation supports projects in the fields of culture, education, humanitarian aid and medical research. The aim is to improve people's quality of life and to promote mutual cultural understanding.
  • The Foundations of the Burgergemeinde Bern. For the purpose of promoting culture and science, the Burgergemeinde runs three foundations: The Albrecht von Haller Foundation, the Cultural Foundation and the Museum Foundation for Art of the Burgergemeinde Bern.
  • The Family Assistance Foundation Berne The Foundation examines applications on a case-by-case basis and makes contributions for needs that improve the quality of life of families.
  • The Lindenhof Bern Foundation (SLB) has played a decisive role in shaping healthcare in the city and region of Bern for over a century and sets an example with its charitable and humanitarian commitment.
  • The purpose of the Hasler Foundation is to promote information and communication technology (ICT) for the benefit of Switzerland as a centre of thought and work. The Foundation wants to make an active contribution to ensuring that Switzerland continues to hold a leading position in science and technology in the future.
  • The Hans Hubacher Foundation wants to encourage and support young people in their sporting activities, professional training, personality development, striving for personal responsibility and willingness to perform. The focus is on sporting activities that support young people on their way to a self-determined and responsible life.

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