Last updated: 08.09.2021
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Finding sponsors - How to proceed? is the only database that gives access to the most important sponsoring contacts in Switzerland and at the same time allows you to get to know foundations as well as funds. This ensures comprehensive and broad fundraising.

The reality today is that many events, artists, athletes or other projects are supported by both foundations and sponsoring partners. Accordingly, sponsorship money and donations are to be separated thematically, but from a fundraising point of view they are to be processed together. Therefore, it makes sense to work on both areas together and to coordinate them with each other. In common parlance, the term "sponsoring" is often equated with fundraising in general. To clarify the term, here is a reference to Wikipedia.

Finding sponsors - How to proceed?

A solid database is essential to be able to conduct a fully-fledged search for sponsors. offers this possibility by providing access to a database consisting of the most important sponsoring contacts, funding foundations in Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein as well as funds. With the keyword search, it is possible to identify all relevant donors from the various sectors per keyword. This is new and not currently possible on any other platform. In this way, the above-mentioned processing of the various areas of sponsorship, donations and other funding is combined.

Find sponsors in the immediate vicinity?

Local projects should be sponsored by local bodies. Smaller companies usually get involved as sponsors in their own company headquarters community. This is because sponsoring is done where you want to attract new customers. Therefore, it makes sense to approach the larger local companies for a sponsorship partnership. In order to ensure broad fundraising, the community churches and local foundations should always be kept in mind as possible sponsors.

Finding sponsors for which sectors? - Sponsorship is strong in these areas

For the following areas it is easier to find sponsoring partners relative to other areas:

  • Sport
  • Culture
  • Art
  • Club sponsorship
  • Events, occasions and functions
  • Social (social sponsoring)

In other areas, it is rather difficult to find sponsors. These "headings" have emerged as the big sponsorship themes in Switzerland. Foundations focus more on education, social issues, culture & arts and development aid. Therefore, foundations and sponsors often complement each other well. While there is overlap in areas such as sports, arts and culture, there are complements to each other in other areas.

How to write the applications to find a sponsoring partner

Many companies now offer online forms for sponsorship applications. Alternatively, you can ask the person responsible for sponsorship directly what documents are necessary. Usually, a so-called sponsorship folder is created. This folder usually contains a curriculum vitae of the project owner, a project description and a budget. In addition, the sponsor must be shown how he can position himself, what the costs are and how big the perception is among the target audience.