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Article in the Fundraising magazine (2022): "Foundation search with system - with on-line data bases the suitable grant-making foundation find".

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The Wärchbrogg is a social organization in Lucerne. We create jobs and training places for people with an impairment in the areas of retail, gastronomy and workshop. We work on behalf of the cantons of Central Switzerland as well as various IV offices. We give people who have fewer opportunities in the primary labor market, meaningful prospects, adapted support by work agents, as well as social integration and appreciation.
We are very innovative and have constantly expanded our company in recent years. This has made it possible time and again to create additional jobs. We are often unable to finance these projects from ordinary funds, so we are always dependent on support. We are very careful with our finances, therefore it is not possible for us to employ a professional fundraiser. Thanks to the fundraiso platform, we can find suitable foundations with the appropriate foundation purpose with a reasonable amount of effort. We can highly recommend the premium membership, as it offers very helpful additional features at a reasonable price. We are convinced that Grant-making foundations will also benefit from not receiving mass applications, but rather those that match their foundation purpose as closely as possible.

Stefanie Kirstein, Assistant Manager (2023)

International Project Aid is a ZEWO-certified organization for development cooperation. With an annual turnover of around one million, we are one of the smaller of the professionally organized organizations. However, IPA is characterized by one special feature: We give Swiss young people the opportunity to gain their own first important experience in the field of development cooperation with the help of close supervision. Every youth group, every school class that works with us looks for foundations for their project, and that's where Fundraiso comes in. The platform offers us a perfect tool in our search for donors. It's clear and concise, easy to use, yet comprehensive and detailed. As a premium member, we benefit greatly from the additional features and the monthly newsletter, and it is especially exciting to see that the platform is constantly growing, so it can always present us with new foundations. We also very much appreciate the direct and always pleasant contact with the Fundraiso staff. Thanks to Fundraiso, we have on several occasions found foundations that were happy to finance a share of one of our projects.

Pietro Tomasini, overall management (2023)

Research project
I am looking for funding for a research project in the field of nutritional disorders. Thanks to Fundraiso's documents, I quickly had an overview of all possible funding opportunities. I am very satisfied with the fundraising data and can recommend Fundraiso's services.

Dr. Isabelle Carrard Professeure HES◊

As a fundraiser for a not-for-profit organization, I rely on precise, clearly laid-out information on foundations. For third-party funding of projects, offers me exactly that: Since I can limit my search precisely to the area of work, I find the target faster and thus avoid idle time both in my work and in the application processing on the part of the foundations. In addition to working for an NPO, I regularly fund projects in the cultural sector. Here, too, provides excellent services in connecting me with suitable Grant-making foundations . The increasingly scarce funds have to be distributed more and more precisely to applicants in order to fulfill the foundation's purposes adequately; this works out excellently thanks to the precise search function.

Matthias Kohler, Bern

David Lang is a very helpful tool for finding institutions that support culture.

D. Long musician

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