1 Scope of application
1 The following terms of use apply to the website www.fundraiso.ch, which is made available for use by InternetTime GmbH.
2. acceptance of the terms of use by users of the site www.fundraiso.ch begins with the use of this website for all areas for which no separate registration or login is required. For those areas of the website for which the user must create a profile, acceptance of the terms of use in the version valid at that time begins with the registration, in particular with the placing of a cross associated with the acceptance of the terms of use and the subsequent saving of the entry. A complete registration at www.fundraiso.ch as a premium member is only possible if the user is willing to confirm the terms of use by placing the cross assigned to the acceptance of the terms of use.

2 Services
1. no guarantees or other assurances apply to the services offered by InternetTime GmbH.
2. the use of the premium content of the website www.fundraiso.ch is associated with the conclusion of an annual subscription.
3. the InternetTime GmbH is entitled to temporarily shut down the www.fundraiso.ch website. This is necessary in particular for updating the web content and for server maintenance and checks. The user of www.fundraiso.ch accepts the temporary, also unannounced shutdown of the website www.fundraiso.ch, in particular if this takes place for the above-mentioned reasons. InternetTime GmbH will endeavour to carry out this shutdown only at times when the number of visitors is low. www.fundraiso.ch is not responsible for a shutdown of the website www.fundraiso.ch and thus also the failure of the query of the underlying database due to force majeure, such as in the case of power failures for various reasons.
InternetTime GmbH reserves the right to change the content offered on www.fundraiso.ch in whole or in part or to remove irrelevant information. InternetTime GmbH decides independently on the publication and removal of content on the information platform www.fundraiso.ch.

3 Registration
(1) Various services/contents of the website www.fundraiso.ch are only accessible to users after registration as a premium member has been completed. In the course of registration, personal information is requested via an input mask (email address and name), all of which is required for complete registration.
Users of the website www.fundraiso.ch are given the opportunity to change their details and update information about themselves at any time. Users may also have their account deleted at any time (via email request). The deletion of the account does not affect the duration of the premium membership, which lasts one year until renewal.
During the registration process, the user of the website can freely choose his or her password. The email address or the user name cannot be changed independently. InternetTime GmbH can do this on request.
By registering and accepting the terms of use, the user agrees to receive emails from InternetTime GmbH. Emails will only be sent regarding matters in connection with the user account (forgotten password, account creation), news in connection with the platform www.fundraiso.ch and other thematically relevant points (fundraising, foundations, sponsoring, etc.).

4 Duties of the users of the website www.fundraiso.ch / Ownership of the data
The user of the website www.fundraiso.ch must keep his password secret. The user is responsible for any damage resulting from misconduct in the form of passing on or otherwise disclosing the password. If the user learns that his password is being misused, e.g. by a third party, he is obliged to inform InternetTime GmbH immediately in writing.
Users of the website www.fundraiso.ch are prohibited from infringing copyrights, industrial property rights or other rights, from recording the website www.fundraiso.ch or parts of the website with viruses and other programs.
3. the paid page contents may neither be copied nor collected in a third party database. InternetTime GmbH remains the owner of the data, which means that the right to commercial use of the data lies solely with InternetTime GmbH. A contractual penalty of CHF 100000 is due in the event of infringement. InternetTime GmbH also reserves the right to take further legal action.

5 Rights of InternetTime GmbH
1. the InternetTime GmbH reserves the right to revoke the access authorisation of users of www.fundraiso.ch at any time by blocking the access data. Reasons will be given to premium members. Basic users will be blocked without justification. The revocation is possible in particular if the user has violated his or her duty of care in handling the access data, has violated applicable law in the use of www.fundraiso.ch or has committed data theft/data misuse on the site.

6 Liability of InternetTime GmbH
1. the liability of InternetTime GmbH for the site www.fundraiso.ch is excluded for material defects and defects of title, in particular with regard to freedom from error, correctness, freedom from third party property rights and copyrights and the completeness of the information, except in the case of gross negligence or intent.
2. the liability of InternetTime GmbH is limited to contract-typical, foreseeable damages, unless they were caused by gross negligence or intent or damages affect the health of a person.
3. the InternetTime GmbH is not liable for the content of third party websites to which direct or indirect links are provided on the www.fundraiso.ch website.
4. the InternetTime GmbH is not liable for content published for third parties on the website www.fundraiso.ch (e.g. advertising content). InternetTime GmbH does not adopt as its own the content of third parties which is published for them on the website www.fundraiso.ch. If the content of third parties violates applicable law, the respective third party shall indemnify InternetTime GmbH against claims for damages.
InternetTime GmbH accepts no liability for the activities and content created by users of the www.fundraiso.ch website. The contents listed there are not represented by InternetTime GmbH, do not represent the views of InternetTime GmbH and can therefore not be attributed to InternetTime GmbH. InternetTime GmbH does not adopt these contents as its own.
The downloading of files and other information from the website www.fundraiso.ch is at the risk of the user. InternetTime GmbH is not liable for damages that occur through no fault of InternetTime GmbH (e.g. through the installation of programs, the storage, downloading or other use of the site www.fundraiso.ch). Although InternetTime GmbH uses virus checking programmes, no liability is accepted for damage caused by viruses or other harmful programmes or files.

§ 7 Data protection
By registering, the user agrees to the data protection provisions applicable to the website www.fundraiso.ch.

8 Deletion of the account by the user / membership costs
1. the services provided by InternetTime GmbH on www.fundraiso.ch can be cancelled at any time. A reclaim of the subscription costs for premium members is thereby excluded. The costs arise as a lump sum with the one-time activation of the premium access and cannot be reclaimed under any circumstances. The frequency of use or the premature deletion of the account have no influence on the costs. The termination of the user is effected by requesting the deletion of his account to InternetTime GmbH in writing or by email. It is without notice and without giving reasons. The termination is completed with the deletion of the account.

9 Changes to the terms of use
1 InternetTime GmbH reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use applicable to the website www.fundraiso.ch. This applies in particular if a change is necessary due to the legal situation applicable at that time. By using the site, the validity of the terms of use in their currently valid version is accepted.

§ 10 Final provisions
(1) The terms of use and the entire legal relationship between the user and InternetTime GmbH are subject exclusively to Swiss law. Should individual provisions of the terms of use be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining terms of use remains unaffected.