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The list summarizes 72 important foundation administrators in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, which unite a total of 1423 foundations (515 Swiss foundations) under themselves - of which around 21 foundations have the status "in liquidation". Mainly banks, trust offices or law firms act as administrators. The list is based on the addresses of foundations as of November 20, 2022.

Data examples

Administrator Name Purpose Address suffix Street POSTCODE Location Web E-mail Phone Language
Zurich Cantonal Bank Yvonne Jacob Foundation Primarily, there are two equally important purposes to be served:
Promotion of medical research, in particular in the field of cancer and AIDS research; promotion of nature conservation, in particular bird conservation. The Board of Trustees may approve contributions in equal parts to Pro Natura, Basel, and to the Swiss Ornithological Institute, Sempach.
c/o Zurich Cantonal Bank Bahnhofstrasse 9 8001 Zurich de
HugLaw Eduard Batschelet-Mader Foundation Non-profit promotion of the study of mathematics and research projects for the protection of nature. c/o Martin Hug Augustinergasse 5 4051 Basel de

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