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The list summarizes the 230 most important family offices in Switzerland. Among them are single-family offices as well as multi-family offices. You can read about the importance of family offices in the field of philanthropy here.

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Category Name Purpose Address suffix Street POSTCODE Location Web E-mail Phone Language
Multi Family Office BAUMGARTNER FAMILY OFFICE AG The purpose of the company is to provide comprehensive consulting and
of services of all kinds for individuals and families (both in association and for their members) or their assets. The services also include, in particular, wealth, estate and financial planning as well as all services related to the national and international aspects of organization, coordination, administration, evaluation, communication, analysis, strategy, general (including tax) optimization and the performance of controls, due diligence tasks and compliance as well as the general supervision and assumption of interface functions with external service providers. The company can assume or supervise board of directors, foundation board and trustee mandates, the management of assets of any kind and investment advice. Furthermore, the company can provide advice and support for projects and transactions as well as the operational management and supervision of private equity investments or invest in private equity companies itself. The Company may establish branches in Switzerland and abroad, participate in other companies in Switzerland and abroad, act as a representative, enter into all transactions and contracts that may be suitable to promote the purpose of the Company or that are directly or indirectly related thereto, provide financing for its own or third-party accounts, enter into guarantees and sureties for subsidiaries and third parties, and acquire, manage, hold and sell real estate.
Othmarstrasse 8 8008 Zurich [email protected] +41 44 258 86 68 de
Single Family Office Wake & Cie. The purpose of the company is the management of assets of the shareholders.
The Company may acquire, hold and manage interests in other companies and collect and use the resulting income, as well as engage in other investment transactions, financing transactions and investments. The Company may establish branches and subsidiaries in Switzerland and abroad and acquire interests in other companies in Switzerland and abroad, as well as engage in all transactions that are directly or indirectly related to its purpose. The company may acquire, finance, encumber, sell and manage real estate in Switzerland and abroad.
Shepherd's path 18 4057 Basel +41 61 555 03 33 de

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