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Basel/Geneva, 9 September 2021

One criterion for success in good committee work is diversity. Different competences, experiences, life backgrounds, ages and genders enable different perspectives and in many cases lead to better decisions. While the foundation sector is slowly catching up in terms of gender, there is still a great need for action in terms of age diversity on foundation boards.

"Ü50-Party" was the headline of an article in the Handelszeitung last year about the average age of board members in SMI companies. The same is true for charitable foundations. A recent survey by the Geneva Center on Philanthropy showed that of 720 foundation board members surveyed, 75% are over 50. Just 5% belong to the Millennial generation.

The newly established Board for Good Foundation wants to bring more young people and thus new topics and approaches into the Swiss foundation sector. To facilitate accessibility to young foundation board members, the programme offers people up to 35 years of age scholarships for foundation board training as well as access to an alumni network. Board for Good" was founded as a non-profit sub-foundation by Beate Eckhardt, the former managing director of SwissFoundations, and Georg von Schnurbein, professor and director of the Center for Philanthropy Studies at the University of Basel. Also on board are various programme, scholarship, training and networking partners. The founding partner is SwissFoundations, the association of Swiss funding foundations.

Interested persons can register via the website www.boardforgood.org and apply for a scholarship. The programme will start at the beginning of November 2021 as part of the Foundation Board Academy seminar in Basel, for which around five scholarship places have been reserved. From 2022 onwards, around 30 further education scholarships will be available each year at a number of Foundation Board further education courses in German- and French-speaking Switzerland.

Information and application for scholarships: www.boardforgood.org (Application deadline for the November start is 15 October 2021)

Founding partner: SwissFoundations
Programme partners: Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd.
Scholarship partner: arcas foundation, Asuera Foundation, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Botnar Foundation, Gebert Rüf Foundation
Training partner: Foundation Board Academy, Rochester-Bern Executive Programs
Network partners: Association of Young Foundation Experts

For more information:
Beate Eckhardt, President Board for Good Foundation, +41 79 617 03 26, [email protected]

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