The Biennale Filantropia Strategica is the first publicly accessible and bilingual conference of Italian-speaking Switzerland dedicated exclusively to philanthropy. It will take place in Lugano. Leading names in the field of philanthropy will share their knowledge in this interactive conference.

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Cenpro, the Center of Excellence for Nonprofits of Italian Switzerland, presents the first edition of the Biennale Filantropia Strategica. The event, unique in its kind in Ticino, aims to deepen current issues in the field of philanthropy during an interactive day, addressing the trends in the nonprofit sector. The official language of the event is Italian. Simultaneous translation into German will be available.

Impact Targets

"Leading experts in the field of philanthropy in Switzerland have accepted our invitation to participate in this conference, conceived and organized to give valuable impetus to philanthropy in Italian-speaking Switzerland and to the relationships between the actors involved in this field," announces Giorgio Panzera, Director of cenpro, enthusiastically. Corina Albertini, Senior Strategic Advisor, adds, "Participants will be able to explore and share together new ideas and approaches to address the pressing challenges of our time, creating connections that will last far beyond the conference."


The program includes presentations, workshops and a panel discussion but also valuable networking breaks in the beautiful setting of Lugano. Henry Peter and Georg von Schnurbein, heads of philanthropy centers at Swiss universities, and Lukas von Orelli, president of SwissFoundations, will present topics related to the social, legal and regulatory changes in the nonprofit sector as well as strategies for sustainable philanthropy. Sabrina Grassi, Director of the Swiss Philanthropy Foundation, will inspire the audience with her vision on the key role of innovation in the success of an umbrella foundation. In interactive workshops, Andrew Holland, Director of the Mercator Foundation Switzerland, will delve into the topic of capacity building as a possible funding strategy; Daniela Bertoli, Deputy CEO of the Credit Suisse Foundation, will shed light on the hybrid elements between profit and nonprofit organizations; and Fulvio Pelli, board member of proFonds, will focus on developments in the normative framework.
An exciting panel discussion on the topic of Philanthropy 2030 and an overview of the foundation sector and philanthropy in Italian-speaking Switzerland will conclude the conference. The event is open to the knowledgeable public upon registration and is kindly supported by Credit Suisse, main sponsor, and the patronage proFonds and SwissFoundations.

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